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What is Nia?

Done barefoot to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a transformational movement practice that teaches you to be more JOYFUL, EXPRESSIVE, and ALIVE in your body, both inside and outside of the studio.  Nia cleverly combines martial arts, dance and healing arts (eg. yoga) in a one-hour workout that is based upon choosing the sensation of pleasure over pain.  Nia offers a fun, creative pathway to health and wellbeing.

How does Nia work?

Nia teaches you to listen to your body’s sensations as a method to achieve your fitness goals.  Nia integrates 52 moves to increase your range of motion, strength, flexibility, agility and stability.

Who does Nia?

People of all ages, with varied interests, from all walks of life practice Nia.  People who love to move and desire a conscious, fun and pleasurable way to get healthy and fit while enriching their lives.  Every Nia class is adaptable for everybody, regardless of age or physical condition.  If you can move, you can do Nia.

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Upcoming Trainings

White Belt Training

Nia White Belt Training with Nia Faculty and Education Trainer, Ken Gilbert

Focus: Physical sensation  |  Intent: To embody the foundation of Nia

White Belt Flyer Apr 2014This is the first level of Nia Training taken for personal enrichment and professional development.  It is a seven-day, 50+ hour training that is offered throughout the world by certified Nia Trainers.  After graduating from this training, students may become Livelihood members to further explore the tools and concepts presented in the training or to obtain a license to teach the Nia practice.


Learn more or register for the Nia White Belt Training here


Blue Belt Icon

Nia Blue Belt Training with Nia Faculty and Education Trainer, Ken Gilbert

Focus: Communication, Relationship and Intimacy  |  Intent: To energize personal connection through self-discovery and communication by following The Body’s Way                            Blue Belt Flyer Apr 2014

Open to ALL Nia White Belt graduates  ~  Now is the time for you to continue your Nia journey and education with the Nia Blue Belt.


Learn more or register for the Nia Blue Belt Training here